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Called to Greatness: Becoming a Lifeline for Those Who Need Hope

by Ron Hutchcraft, Ronald Hutchcraft

Buy the book: Ron Hutchcraft. Called to Greatness: Becoming a Lifeline for Those Who Need Hope

Release Date: February, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ron Hutchcraft. Called to Greatness: Becoming a Lifeline for Those Who Need Hope

Let God Satisfy the Longing in Your Heart!

Hutchraft's underlying premise is that reaching the lost for Jesus can help satisfy the deep longing for significance God has placed in our hearts.

Among the important points covered in the book are:

1. Restlessness can be of God.
2. A complacent Christian doesn't care for the lost.
3. Practical ways to show Jesus to others.
4. Examples of changing Christian words to everyday terms the lost can understand.
5. Religious activity will not impact unsaved people nearly as much as being a caring person to them (AMEN!).
6. The battle is the Lord's and we must leave the results to Him.
7. 5 secrets of a strong relationship with God.
8. Mistakes Christians make and assume in trying to reach out to others and what methods are most effective.

Read the book and be encouraged to be a better witness for Jesus and loving the unsaved as special creations of God!

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You Can Be Great!

God's desire is that each one of us do something great with our lives is the premise from which the book emerges. Jesus taught the principle of greatness and, in fact, lived it so we would have a model. Hutchcraft calls it the "magnificent obsession" that comes from the heart of God into your heart. It's an eternal rescue mission, aimed at doing God's will in your life.

You are God's assigned representative where He has placed you. You touch people that others do not influence. God placed you where you are to help some of the people there go to heaven. We are His messengers of reconciliation, according to 2 Corinthians 5:19. This book shows you how significant your life is to God's plan and to other people. It will encourage you.

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