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Building a Contagious Church

by Mark Mittelberg, Bill Hybels

Buy the book: Mark Mittelberg. Building a Contagious Church

Release Date: 01 October, 2000

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Mark Mittelberg. Building a Contagious Church

It works North and South...for New and Old

While Canadians highly value their neighbours to the south, we can also be a bit reluctant to embrace ideas developed in the U.S. We wonder if they fit the Canadian context. Mark Mittelberg's Becoming a Contagious Church is a book that crosses the border with ease. The author communicates Biblical values that transcend culture. He does so not with lofty ideals and methods suited only for a resource-rich U.S. mega church...but with highly transferable and effective strategies that can be applied to various church contexts. I have been pleased to use Mittelberg's book to successfully train young pastors starting new churches on both sides of the border. I have also heard a variety of my Canadian colleagues in established churches comment on the book's effectiveness.

My highest recommendation, however, comes from the impact this book is having on our local church's evangelism planning. Our leadership is sold on the concepts the book teaches. Mittelberg's six-step strategy is a brilliant addition to our thinking and promises to be our strategic guide for years to come.

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Evangelism with Wisdom, Depth, and Intentionality

Until I read this lively, resource-packed book, I had no idea of the depth and wisdom that Willow Creek Community Church pours out to help people find Christ. Now I really see how evangelism at Willow Creek works, and just how careful and intentional it is. Every ounce of evangelical effort put forth in this book is designed to teach pastors, staff and church members how to show lost people just how much they matter to God. From post Easter messages carefully designed to keep seekers coming back to church for more week after week, to the scores of ordinary Christians at Willow who are actually trained to lead seekers to Christ using their own personal style, to the loving modeling of evangelistic lifestyles set forth by church leadership, this book demonstrates hundreds of ways to make evangelism a force to be reckoned with in any community . Because of Willow's experience, expertise and above all, love, they've come to understand the needs of seekers probably better than seekers understand themselves. Mittelberg's book puts the theology, theory and strategy of Willow Creek evangelism and other seeker oriented evangelistic churches together in one place. This book tells why evangelism needs to be done throughout all of the ministries of your church, and how to do it. It clearly explains how Willow Creek, and dozens of other healthy, seeker oriented Churches, are bringing people all over the world to Christ. I am so grateful to God for all of the hard, careful, thoughtful work that Mittelberg and his many colleagues in the field of evangelism do to help make believers out of people like you and me. Read it, and make your church contagious!

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