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A Pixel in a Greater Picture

by Fred Peatross, Edward W. Fudge

Buy the book: Fred Peatross. A Pixel in a Greater Picture

Release Date: 01 May, 2001

Edition: Mass Market Paperback


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Buy the book: Fred Peatross. A Pixel in a Greater Picture

The Sequel is Rarely as Good as the Original

Another series of short essays on current issues in the churches of Christ. This book is similar in structure, tone, and content to the author's original book: Tradition, Opinion, and Truth. Like the original, this book contains many novel and, occasionally, deep thoughts that break the mold of traditional thinking and open the heart to new possibilities and perspectives. For some reason, I did not find this one quite as stimulating as the original--or perhaps it was too stimulating. It seemed to give me a case of "change overload," a sense that some of the essays were written more for "shock value" or to encourage "change for change sake" than "responsible change." Still, I can recommend this book to the awareness of congregational leaders and other mature Christian thinkers. May we never forget Him who does not change.

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This thought-provoking book speaks to my soul!

Fred is a God-gifted writer and encourager. He is a change agent. I am reminded of how Jesus brought radical change to the traditions of His time on earth. I pray we all become Christ-like and do the same.

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