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A Catholic Evangelist's "Primer for Protestants"

by Michael Cumbie

Buy the book: Michael Cumbie. A Catholic Evangelist's

Release Date: 01 April, 2003

Edition: Audio Cassette


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Buy the book: Michael Cumbie. A Catholic Evangelist's

I usually can't focus but Cumbie made me

I am a 22 year old Catholic and have read and listened to many of the recent Protestant ministers who have converted to Catholicism. In fact these converts have taught me more about Catholicism than my CCD classes ever did. If you like converts you'll love Michael Cumbie. Just like all of the recent converts he thanks God for what he learned as a Protestant, and is exactly where he thought he'd never be; a member of the Catholic Church. These cd's instantly led to a deeper understanding of the importance of worship and what worship is and is not. He also touches on Protestant concerns towards...call no man father, statues, rosaries, the Mass, the Church's architecture, incense, priests, and a few more. He keeps your attention so well that I listened to the entire series on a drive of a little over three hours. Its witty, funny, and at the same time informative for Catholics and non-Catholics. I have listened to it twice and have already loaned it to a non-Catholic. I would recommend Scott Hahn's "Answering Common Objections" as a possible follow up to this one.

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