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Why Be Catholic?

by William J. O'Malley

Buy the book: William J. O'Malley. Why Be Catholic?

Release Date: September, 1993

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: William J. O'Malley. Why Be Catholic?

Honest, easy-to-read, and insightful!

Fr.O'Malley's book, which explores religion and leads the reader to consider Catholicsm, is very interesting and a pleasure to read. He adds humor and a personal dimension to the book which makes you want to read on. Being a Catholic already, I found the book to be refreshing and worthwhile. I gave it only four stars because I though there could have been a better punch at the end, a climax that would say a little more. "Why be Catholic?" Because it's the awesomest religion in the world! Saints, sacraments, community, social justice, Trinity, ministries, growth with a personal God, beautiful art and rituals, and so many more aspects of the Catholic faith make it so attractive!!! I wish Fr.O'Malley could've played this up a little more.

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Perfect for someone wondering about Catholicism

If you have an interest in Catholicism but feel you need to know more about it and why it's different and special, then this is a great book for you. It is organized into readable, interesting chapters with thoughtful questions at the end. Though it works for beginners, I don't think it shirks the more difficult, intellectually stimulating issues. I got a lot out of it. Thanks Father O'Malley!

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