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Where Is That In the Bible?

by Patrick Madrid

Buy the book: Patrick Madrid. Where Is That In the Bible?

Release Date: March, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Patrick Madrid. Where Is That In the Bible?

Great For Reference, Not For Scholarship

Patrick Madrid has assembled an excellent tool for the Catholic who would like to see where exactly his/her Church's teachings are found in the Bible. It is an outstanding reference for finding those verses in Scripture that make you smile and say, "The Bible may as well just say 'Be Catholic!'" I highly recommend "Where is That in the Bible" for the Catholic who has already had an introduction to Scripture and apologetics, for this book does not work to introduce either. Instead, it is a wonderful supplement to a Catholic's on-going study. By no means a scholarly treatise (it wasn't intended to be), "Where is That in the Bible" is easy to read and digest while making the reader see the Bible as less complex, more managable and the kind of literature only God could author.

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A wonderful book!

Where has this book been all my life? I am so happy to have found it! It's given me hundreds of Bible verses (in context) that my husband and I can use in our discussions with our non-Catholic family and friends. So many of them are used to putting Catholics on the defensive with the magic question: "Where is that in the Bible? Hmmmm?" This book has the answers! I bought a copy at a parish conference the author spoke at, and since then I have bought several other copies to give out to friends. This book isn't an exhaustive or comprehensive explanation of all the Bible verses for all Catholic doctrines, and it doesn't pretend to be. Instead, I personally have found it to be a handy, clear, and extremely "user-friendly" quick reference book. And that's exactly what I and many, many Catholics have needed for so long. Now we have it with this wonderful new book.

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