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Why Do Catholics Do That?

by Kevin Orlin Johnson

Buy the book: Kevin Orlin Johnson. Why Do Catholics Do That?

Release Date: 10 October, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Kevin Orlin Johnson. Why Do Catholics Do That?

Reasonable Explanations Are Always Needed

There can't be enough good books explaining to our culture (which tends to be suspicious of things Catholic, if not anti-Catholic) why the Catholic Church believes and worships the way she does. This book by Dr. Kevin O. Johnson makes a valuable contribution to the growing literature, which includes such important books as veteran apologist Patrick Madrid's "Why is That in Tradition?" and "Where is That in the Bible?" (giving much background on Catholic beliefs and practices), famous Scripture theologian Dr. Scott Hahn's "The Lamb's Supper" (about the Mass), Mike Acquilina's "The Mass of the Early Christians", and newcomer Catholic philosopher Dr. David P. Lang's "Why Matter Matters: Philosophical and Scriptural Reflections on the Sacraments" (which provides detailed Scriptural background for the valid material elements of six of the seven Sacraments). Any or all of these books are recommended to the interested inquirer or those Catholics who want to bolster their faith and become more knowledgable in discussions.

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Easy and entertaining reading; very informative.

An outstanding discussion of many of the Church's rites, rituals, and traditions. As the title suggests, it answers many questions about the form of Catholic religious practice. It does not attempt to discuss in depth the topics of Church history, theology, Canon Law, apologetics, etc. It is not a catechism nor an encyclopedia. While many of those topics are discussed to some extent, it is in support of answers to common questions about the most visible signs of Catholic practice, liturgical rites, etc. I have shared this book with friends who are non-Catholic Christians already familiar with Christian theology and practice... who found it extremely informative in understanding the "mysteries" of Catholic practice.

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