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Where We Got the Bible... Our Debt to the Catholic Church

by Henry G. Graham

Buy the book: Henry G. Graham. Where We Got the Bible... Our Debt to the Catholic Church

Release Date: January, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Henry G. Graham. Where We Got the Bible... Our Debt to the Catholic Church

Good defense of Bible History for Catholics

This book is a short history of the Bible and how the Catholic Church regarded it. Graham describes how the cannon of the Scripture was formed and the reverence the Catholic Church has had for the Bible since she defined the cannon. He describes the Catholic Church's preservation of the Bible up to the Douay Rheims translation. (Graham's book was written in 1911) Graham takes much time explaining the process of how monks copied Bibles before the printing press. He also defends the Catholic Church against accusations that they hid the Bible to keep people ignorant of it. He uses a good dose of common sense to make his points.

Graham gives reasons why it is hard to find English Bible translations dated before the reformation. He explained that because the Protestants destroyed many Catholic objects in countries where the reformation flourished, Catholic Bibles could not be found in these areas. However, in countries where the reformation did not take foothold, there are many existing vernacular Bibles. I actually went to the Field Museum in Chicago and saw 11th century Spanish Bibles with my own two eyes. It was luck that they were on a tour as I finished the book.

My main complaint about the book is that there are almost no footnotes. He makes bold claims but no way to proof what he says. In order to test his stories, I had to do some footwork myself. For example, I learned that Martin Luther regarded the Epistle of James to be unworthy to remain in the Scriptures (mostly because of James 2:24) but I had to do some searching to verify it.

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Shows the true origins of the Bible

Graham does a wonderful job of showing how the Bible was compiled and preserved by the Roman Catholic Church. He exposes the frauds such as Luther, Wycliff, etc. and shows how they "translated" awful versions of the Holy Bible. He exposes Protestant lie that they gave us the first vernacular Bibles, when there had been many English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. Bibles already published. It's a great book for anyone wanting to know the true history of the Bible, and not just the fake story given by Fundamentalists.

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