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Turbulent Souls: : A Catholic Son's Return To His Jewish Family

by Stephen J. Dubner

Buy the book: Stephen J. Dubner. Turbulent Souls: : A Catholic Son's Return To His Jewish Family

Release Date: 05 October, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Stephen J. Dubner. Turbulent Souls: : A Catholic Son's Return To His Jewish Family

A Fascinating Spiritual Journey

Turbulent Souls gives a fine account of the many journeys that took place within the Dubner Family Tree. Stephen Dubner traces his family roots which amazingly were rooted in Judaism. Its quite interesting how both of Stephen's parents became Catholics. In the case of Stephen's father, Sol(later Paul)it seemed as if he was rebelling against his overbearing father. Paul's story shows you that you cannot force feed religion into a young soul trying to emerge.

As for Stephen's mother, Florence(later Veronica) the religious influence was fairly weak at home. Not to mention any sort of guidance as Veronica recalls rarely spending time at home during her teen years. Therefore, Veronica became a willing convert.

Very compelling is the effects this dual conversion had upon this future couples family. In Judaism very often a period of mourning takes place and surely Paul became lost to his original family. Amazingly Paul and Veronica seemd to become perfect Catholics to the point of almost totally denying any past affiliation with their Jewish roots.

Stephen's life goes through many turbulent periods. His exposure to the Catholic religion is a lot at first. Whereas he does not reject these teachings, over time Stephen develops other interests most notably the desire to become a musician. Like his parents, he encounters people who encourage him to explore his roots. When he finally does, Stephen becomes enamored with his family history and researches his roots to the point of exploring towns which were touched by the Holocaust.

In spite of the difference of opinion with his mother's own spiritual path, Stephen is able to keep this relationship positive. Furthermore, he creates strong bonds with other family members both Catholic and Jewish. Whereas Stephen's articles meet with feedback both good and bad, at least our hero can say he was able to evolve spiritually while touching others along the way.

I highly recommend this biography which interweaves the spiritual journey of a family over the course of this past century.

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A spiritual journey for any religion

I was raised Catholic and really not happy with the Church so I was a little wary of the book when it came time to read it for my book club. I could not have been more wrong about how this book would affect me! It was absolutely wonderful. The author was able to write with detail without being long-winded. The feelings that he had about his religions/cultures, both Catholic and Jewish I could relate to by the way he wrote. With each step in his spiritual journey I felt like I was cheering him on to find out what his truth was and where he felt he belonged in his religious life. It gave me many things to ponder both from what he wrote and what he quoted from others, Jewish and Catholic. I highly reccomend this book to anyone who is unsure of their faith. It will not answer your questions, but it will help you answer them on your own. It is also a wonderful book for anyone with a strong faith of their own.

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