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This Is the Faith

by Francis J. Ripley

Buy the book: Francis J. Ripley. This Is the Faith

Release Date: 01 December, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Francis J. Ripley. This Is the Faith

An easy-to-read mini-catechism

One who wants to learn about the Catholic faith would do very well to read this classic book. The chapters start out in the question-and-answer format that those who are familiar with the Baltimore Catechism will recognize, and continues with easy-to-read text on the subject of that chapter. At 40 chapters, one short chapter per day, this book could make an excellent six-week course on the Catholic Faith.

In reading through the pages of this book, all I found was orthodox magisterial Catholic teaching, and none of the modernism that infests our Church today. It is written in very readable language, and would make a great first book to read on the faith. Commandments, Sacraments, Disciplines, everything is presented here.

Well worth the price. Five stars.

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The best explanation of the Catholic Faith

I have to agree with the other reviewer! This book is truly a gem! Not only is it thorough in its presentation, but it is easy to understand and it's interesting. This book makes an excellent apologetics text as well with topics on the supremacy of the Pope and an in depth discussion on the sacraments, complete with all relevant scriptural references. There are also some special chapters on the devotional life of a Catholic, the reformation, and Catholic social principles. The appendix includes a run-down of the Church through the ages, and the principle heresies. Every person inquiring about the Catholic faith should own this book! 5 stars!

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