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Time Management for Catholics

by Dave Durand

Buy the book: Dave Durand. Time Management for Catholics

Release Date: 25 September, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Dave Durand. Time Management for Catholics

The secret to what makes good Catholic Families tick!

Wow! As a convert to Catholicism, I always was in awe at what made good Catholic families tick and how they managed to get everything done, have awesome kids, and seem very balanced. Here is the answer! This book is unlike any time management book you've ever read, and it is indeed distinctly Catholic and prayer centered. I would also recommend it for Protestants as the same principles could help them as well. The key is balance balance balance, prayer, and priorities. After trying this book out I found my time was actually increased and I got more done, and felt good about it too! We even have been successful in launching family prayer. Can't say enough. Buy the book!

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Reliable techniques for overcoming procrastination

Written by successful motivational speaker Dave Durand, Time Management for Catholics offers reliable techniques for overcoming procrastination, making efficient use of one's time and keeping one's spiritual life a priority. Individual chapters address useful time savers such as kicking excessive television addiction, setting reasonable goals, keeping personal papers and supplies organized, and much, much more. Although written especially for Catholics and with a strong emphasis on the importance of keeping one's heart open to Christ, the useful physical and mental techniques in Time Management for Catholics are quite applicable to time-starved readers of all faiths and ecumenical backgrounds.

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