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The Truth of Catholicism: Ten Controversies Explored

by George Weigel

Buy the book: George Weigel. The Truth of Catholicism: Ten Controversies Explored

Release Date: 23 October, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: George Weigel. The Truth of Catholicism: Ten Controversies Explored

A great service to the Church!!!!

Mr. Weigel has written a fine synthesis of Catholic teaching, which is not an easy task. His book is not too long; it's easy to read and very informative.

Weigel's book has two distinct advantages that might set it apart from some others. First, Weigel is a layman, rather than a priest or religious. This removes the appearance of self-interest and marks it as a labor of love. Second, Weigel doesn't address individual issues at length, but tries to convey the Catholic "big picture". He shows that being Catholic involves every aspect of one's life, and not just what we believe, what we don't believe, how we practice our faith, and so forth. (He does address a number of individual issues, but none of them at length. Instead, he situates them within the bigger picture.)

Weigel's book is an invitation. It is neither triumphalistic nor condescending. A sincere non-Catholic seeker will find food for thought here. Mr. Weigel has done the Church a great service.

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The Intoxicating Nature of Catholicism

George Weigel has written a little masterpiece here. The Truth of Catholicism is a gem with a simple premise: accept an invitation to examine Catholicism from the inside and one might likely end up staying. Like Witness to Hope his authoritative biography of Pope John Paul II where Weigel successfully attempted to understand the Pope from the inside, Weigel here looks at the central principles and beliefs of Catholicism and how these radiate outwards to create a cohesive and compelling engagement with the world-in short he examines Catholicism from the inside.

One of the book's great gifts is the accessibility of the writing. I am always struck by how Weigel can take the complex and lengthy and render it understandable and concise. Weigel does not avoid the thorny issues either; rather, this book is about the thorny issues, about how Catholicism's primary convictions lead to convincing answers about the tough questions. Take for instance the often debated question of women's ordination. In just a few short pages, Weigel offers a persuasive answer to why the Catholic Church teaches that she cannot ordain women. (I will let you read the book to get his answer).

Truth of Catholicism is a great gift for inquiring minds of any or no faith. For those who are puzzled by the paradox of a person like Cardinal O'Connor who could be a forceful teacher of the Church's sexual doctrine while changing the bedpans of AIDS patients, this book explains that there is no paradox. Catholic Christianity when lived to its fullest does not lend itself to the neat labels of the secular press. The book is also a great read for the average Catholic who like me is the product of poor catechesis. In a short 180 pages, Weigel teaches more than one is likely to learn in most Catholic religious education programs over one's childhood and adolescence.

In short, I cannot recommend Weigel's book highly enough. It paints a picture of an intoxicating adventure-the adventure of Catholicism.

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