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The Sources of Christian Ethics

by Servais Pinckaers, Mary Thomas Noble, Romanus Cessario

Buy the book: Servais Pinckaers. The Sources of Christian Ethics

Release Date: June, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Servais Pinckaers. The Sources of Christian Ethics

Morality as Freedom for Excellence

Have you ever been to a class on Morality or Ethics at a Church or School, and you were basically told a bunch of "do's and don'ts?" Fr. Pinckaers finally revealed to me why so many leave the Church and why so many are bored with Morality. He traces for us a brief history of Ethics and Morality and shows how people like William of Ockham and Immanuel Kant destroyed morality by focusing on the Commandments of God instead of the Virtues of God. God is now viewed in modern society as a mere law giver, arbitrary and exacting; whereas in ancient and medival times, climaxing with St. Thomas Aquinas, God was viewed as Father and Laws were regarded as Virtue builders loving instructions to His Children. This text is being used at one of the greatest universities in America, Fransican University of Steubenville in Ohio, in several classes. This is just to attest to its truth, beauty and goodness, which i discovered when reading it as a hobby. I'm 19 years old, i was 18 whenever i purchased it, and i can honestly say that this book will open your eyes to the truth, and you will love every minute of it. Do's and Don't melt away and become What More can i do for you Lord? Get this book now for a more Scriptural, more Scholastic, more Thomistic, more Catholic, more real view of Morality and Ethics, centered around the Sermon on the Mount.

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