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The Soul of the Apostolate

by Jean-Baptiste Chautard

Buy the book: Jean-Baptiste Chautard. The Soul of the Apostolate

Release Date: March, 1992

Edition: Mass Market Paperback


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Buy the book: Jean-Baptiste Chautard. The Soul of the Apostolate

Prayer first, and action... in hundredth place

The book is a warm antidote for those earnest Christians who work so very hard for our Lord, but spend less than 10 minutes per day in mental prayer with him. Both the social justice activist and pro-life champion will find solace with Chautard, and a way to reach a new level of closeness with Christ. Ultimately they will see more fruitfulness in their works if the apply the lessons in the book. The picture of love overflowing into piety has stayed with me for months afterward.

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Great Book for the serious Christian

Chautard does a splendid job of driving home the importance of the interior life. It is the foundation upon which the whole Christian life is built. If the interior life is neglected, the fruit from good works will inevitably suffer. Again, lack of the interior life precedes the decline of holiness in lay and clerics alike. What a slippery slope we are on when we neglect mental prayer. I have been told that Scott Hahn's spiritual advisor recommends that Scott read this book anually. It is a great book. Bravo Jean-Baptiste Chautard.

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