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The Shadow of His Wings

by Gereon Karl Goldmann, Gereron Goldmann

Buy the book: Gereon Karl Goldmann. The Shadow of His Wings

Release Date: March, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Gereon Karl Goldmann. The Shadow of His Wings

Possibly one of the best books I've ever read.

I had a hard time putting this book down. I finished it in 3 days which for me, with a busy work and family life, is quite an accomplishment.

This book will bolster your faith in God, the Sacraments, and in the life of prayer. There are many examples in this book about how prayers were answered.

I also found Fr. Goldmann's audacity, at times funny, to be quite remarkable.

This is a must read.

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God works in the life of this inspiring man.

A friend gave me this book to read and told me that I would enjoy the story of Fr. Goldmann. She warned me that it had moments of ugliness and horrible accountings; since it was written about the life of a Nazi. Fr. Goldmann started out in his village as a simple altar boy with a strong faith in God. This faith stayed with him during his trials as a Franciscan novitiate, caught up in the life of an SS officer for Hitler, through filthy and depraved situations and led him to his ultimate destiny. The Holy Father gave him special permission to serve as a priest to the many people surviving the horrors of war in camps and prisons. With the prayers of devout nuns and friends and his constant, guiding faith and fortitude in God, Fr. Goldmann helped many souls to their final rest by administering the Sacraments and the offering of the Mass. The simple everyday gifts of food and shelter and our local parish church mean so much more after I discovered the situations that faced people caught up in the struggle to stay alive and keep their Faith during the wartime.

In the epilogue, I marvelled at Fr. Goldmann's missionary work that he accomplished in Japan starting with his primary struggle in learning the Japanese language. His childhood dream was to go to Japan. He managed to build up the Church there and inspire many Japanese to become devout Christians and serve the Lord. His further work with the poorest in Tokyo, "the ragpickers", gave us insight into the conditions of the people. How he helped students and mothers with families was a constant inspiration. This story makes you want to go out and work for the Faith and offer prayer wherever it is needed.

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