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The Rule of Saint Benedict

by Anthony C. Meisel

Buy the book: Anthony C. Meisel. The Rule of Saint Benedict

Release Date: 01 September, 1975

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Anthony C. Meisel. The Rule of Saint Benedict

Interesting as an historical document

While the historical context that is so lucidly described in the introduction to this translation is fascinating in itself, the rule resonates with a disciplined approach to spiritual development in a communal setting. Placed in an appropriate historical context the "rule" is remarkable for its attention to physical and spiritual detail in the structured life of a monastery. Anyone interested in monasticsm or church history will be well rewarded by reading this.

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An interesting look into the rules of monkhood!

Benedict, having dropped out of university because he viewed the life there as degenerated, goes into the bush and makes his abode in a crack in the side of a mountain. Upon coming out he writes the moral code for the next 1,400 years! This is that code or set of rules.

Some of the book is dry - namely the end of it which goes over seating arangements for meals and other architectural details but the historical end of it is interesting and so are his guidelines for clean living in a monastic setting (which one can employ almost anywhere with the right focus).

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