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The People's Catechism: Catholic Faith for Adults

by Raymond Lucker, Michel Leach, William J. O'Malley, etc.

Buy the book: Raymond Lucker. The People's Catechism: Catholic Faith for Adults

Release Date: July, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Raymond Lucker. The People's Catechism: Catholic Faith for Adults

lightweight, questionable orthodoxy

I thought about getting this book once so I browsed through it in the book store. The title alone tells you that it is an attempt to teach the "people's" catholicism over against the Magiserium's catholicism. No real discussion of the Church's condemnation of contraception, which is to be expected. The authors come from liberal and dissenting institutions. The liberal "church speak" is used, such as "we are church" rather than "we are the church." I would not get this. Get the real Catechism of the Catholic Church and perhaps a supplement like John Hardon's Catechism or The Teaching of Christ done by several Catholic Bishops.

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Applies Bible Teaching To Real Life

This is an intense book! I personally felt a need to read it slowly over a long period of time as there was much to savor here. The subject matter also lends itself to discussion--I think it would make a very good source text for a discussion group or a retreat.

This book, like the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is divided into 4 sections: faith, sacraments, morals, and prayer. Each of the 4 sections is written by a different author (or team of authors).

The book's 40 chapters also share a common organization--each begins with a quote from scripture, follows with an essay on the relevance of the biblical teaching in the real world, then challenges the reader to put his or her faith into action, and concludes with a section on prayer.

The choices from scripture are relevant. The essays are clear, contemporary, and meaningful. There is a strong thread throughout the text on the importance of the Christian community and the need to apply the faith to every day living.

The calls to action issue blunt challenges. For example, the reader is asked: if someone wished to persecute Christians, would they have enough evidence to convict you?

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