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The Lamb's Supper : Experiencing the Mass

by Scott Hahn

Buy the book: Scott Hahn. The Lamb's Supper : Experiencing the Mass

Release Date: 09 November, 1999

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Scott Hahn. The Lamb's Supper : Experiencing the Mass

Read it. Highlighted much of it. Re-read it.

A must for anyone who truly wants to understand the liturgy of the Catholic Mass. As a convert, Scott Hahn brings a perspective to the liturgy that many of us cradle Catholics need to see. He explains in uncomplicated detail the Church's understanding of the liturgy of the Mass and how it is related to the Book of Revelation. In his analysis, he demonstrates what the early Church fathers saw in the liturgy of the Mass. An excellent reference for anyone, Catholics and non-catholics alike, wanting to have a deeper understanding of the Liturgy of the Catholic Mass.

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A great book, with nothing essential or orthodox missing.

The Lamb's Supper combines solid scriptural scholarship and theological orthodoxy, and delivers it at a popular level. The result is potentially life-changing. It is disconcerting, then, to read some comments made below by the reviewer from Drexel Hill, who managed to squeeze almost as many misrepresentations into his brief review as the puns Hahn sprinkles thoughout an entire chapter.

First, the "essential point" that the reviewer says "Hahn fails to mention" is found, according to my count, at least four times (read pages 23-24, 28, 36, 150), and that in a book of only 163 pages! Take heart, Fr. Groeschel, you and Dr Hahn may not be heretics after all.

Second, the Drexel Hill reviewer seems to miss (or misrepresent) the essential point of the entire book, that the Mass is a true participation in Christ's high priestly sacrifice, which is the liturgy of heaven. Much like Luther and Calvin, the reviewer fails to recognize how the Apocalypse depicts Christ's heavenly activity as high priestly and sacrificial. Like the Reformers, he reduces Christ being in heaven simply "to adore the Father and intercede for the Church," as he puts it. That misses the essential point of John's Revelation, where Jesus is constantly depicted as "the Lamb standing as though it had been slain," for the purpose of highlighting his high priestly sacrifice, which stands at the heart of the heavenly liturgy, and the Mass.

Third, what the reviewer calls Hahn's and Groeschel's "fatal flaw" appears rather to be his own. I took his advice and read Paragraph #1085 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. What I found is exactly what The Lamb's Supper presents, "the Paschal mystery" is identified with "the Cross and Resurrection," not with Calvary alone. That is why the Catechism goes on in the next five paragraphs to describe how, "in the earthly liturgy... we participate in the heavenly liturgy" (#1086-1090).

Fourth, Hahn was careful to run his "scriptural ruminations" by other dogmatic theologians (I was one), as well as liturgical specialists, biblical scholars, and orthodox bishops. Perchance, one of his approving readers has been a member of the Pontifical Roman Theological Academy. Indeed, apart from this churlish review, nobody else has expressed any doubt about the orthodoxy of The Lamb's Supper, or Fr. Groeschel. At the end of the day, some old-fashioned soul-searching may be in order, should there be any professional jealousy or envy. Do not just study, learn from the Little Flower.

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