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The Life of Mary: As Seen by the Mystics

by Raphael Brown

Buy the book: Raphael Brown. The Life of Mary: As Seen by the Mystics

Release Date: October, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Raphael Brown. The Life of Mary: As Seen by the Mystics


I am Catholic in my early thirties and before reading this book I did not have a true appreciation for the role that Mary played in the life of Jesus and the early church. Everything about this book just made sense to me. Many times you hear stories of Mary in church that portray her as an average girl that got caught up in an overwhelming experience. This book shows how God prepared Mary to be the Mother of God and the overwhelming humility and love she possessed.

There are few books that I can read over and over but I have read this book many times and will continue to read year after year!

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Review from the Publisher

Since the beginning of Christianity, Our Blessed Lord and His Mother have favored a select few people with special revelations containing information on their lives that is not to be found anywhere else. This inspiring work blends all the magnificent visions granted to four of the most privileged souls in the history of the Church. Raphael Brown has compiled an unforgettable masterpiece on the life of Our Lady by combining the writings from Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich, Ven. Mary of Agreda, St. Bridget of Sweden and St. Elizabeth of Schoenau. The wonderful mental pictures obtained from this enthralling narration will so impress you that they will stay with you the rest of your life. These images can't help but enhance our understanding of the New Testament and our love for Jesus, Mary and Joseph which is why the Church allows and encourages the circulation of these writings. Perhaps just as important as the telling of Mary's life according to these famous mystics is the most valuable explanation included on how the Church deals with the contradictions on historical details that sometimes occur in writings of people who receive private revelations.

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