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The Gospel of Mark (Sacra Pagina Series, Vol 2)

by John R. Donahue, Daniel J. Harrington, Donald P. Senior

Buy the book: John R. Donahue. The Gospel of Mark (Sacra Pagina Series, Vol 2)

Release Date: March, 2002

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: John R. Donahue. The Gospel of Mark (Sacra Pagina Series, Vol 2)

A Truly Excellent Reference

This volume of the Sacra Pagina series is extremely well researched and well written. For the preacher, both the interpretation and the verse notes are very helpful. I use the text for my own sermon preparation and find that the notes almost always provide challenges I can offer the congregation. One minor negative for the preacher is the authors' tendency to cite their differences in interpretation with other texts - although this might be just what is wanted by a Bible student.

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A welcome addition to an excellent series

As the final gospel commentary in this series (Sacra Pagina) this volume will serve as a very helpful commentary to many who are pursuing a study of the Marcan text. This series stands between the highly critical, scholarly commentaries which many find intimidating or excessive and those commentaries which leave many wanting more.
After nearly fifty pages of introductory material, the authors, in following the design of the series, provide commentary and exegesis for each successive pericope in the text. Their information will be helpful to preachers, teachers, students and anyone who wants to do a careful examination of the Marcan text.
I am currently using it as a primary resource for my class notes for an eleventh grade honors course in Scripture Studies and most of the material is accessible to my students.
The scholarship is solid and the bibliographies are very helpful for anyone who wants to pursue a particular topic to a further depth.

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