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The Acts of the Apostles: Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, Revised Standard Version

by Scott Hahn, Curtis Mitch, Dennis Walters

Buy the book: Scott Hahn. The Acts of the Apostles: Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, Revised Standard Version

Release Date: October, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Scott Hahn. The Acts of the Apostles: Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, Revised Standard Version

Perhaps the best commentary on Acts available

Hahn & Mitch have done another fantastic job. They take the data of the biblical book, break down for the modern reader what's happening, how it relates to what's going on before and after, and gives us the theological significance besides.

I love all the Ignatius Bible Study commentaries. As a group there is no modern commentary series that is its equal. They have the depth necessary for scholars looking for an accessible resource and the straight forward approach that American readers long for.

They do an excellent job in particular demonstrating the parallels between the ministries of Peter and Paul while these two carry out the ministry of Jesus in word and deed.

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Catholic Bible Study Tool for Individuals or Groups

The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible is a great tool for small groups seeking to understand the Bible from a Catholic perspective.

This concise, 80-page paperback, is composed of five major sections:
- Introduction to the Ignatius Study Bible
- Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles
- Outline of the Acts of the Apostles
- Acts of the Apostles with Commentary by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch
- Study Questions by Dennis Walters

The commentary includes historical background, with maps, and categorized notes. The notes have symbols next to them indicating whether they are:
- content and unity
- living tradition
- analogy of faith

The study questions are grouped by chapter, and then broken down into two sections per chapter: "For understanding" and "For application." The understanding questions are textual analysis questions. " The application questions are pertinent for the spiritual lives of Catholics. However, space was not provided within the questions themselves for notes. There are no notes pages at the end of the book, and white space was not allotted within the questions themselves, so you may want to use a notebook in conjuction with this study guide.

Overall, the organization of this study guide makes it an effective tool for novices, and challenging for for more knowledgeable Catholics.

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