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341. St. Francis and the Cross: Reflections on Suffering, Weakness, and Joy
by Raniero Cantalamessa, Carlo Maria Martini

342. St. John's Gospel: A Bible Study Guide and Commentary for Individuals and Groups
by Stephen K. Ray

343. St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Francis of Assisi: With Introductions by Ralph McLnerny and Joseph Pearce
by G. K. Chesterton

344. Strong, Loving and Wise: Presiding in Worship
by Robert W. Hovda

345. Summa Contra Gentiles: God
by Thomas St. Aquinas, Anton C. Pegis, Vernon Bourke

346. Surprised by Truth 3: 10 More Converts Explain the Biblical and Historical Reason for Becoming Catholic
by Patrick Madrid

347. Surprised by Truth: 11 Converts Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic
by Patrick Madrid, Paul Thigpen, Marcus Grodi

348. Taking Down Our Harps: Black Catholics in the United States
by Diana L. Hayes, Cyprian Davis

349. Tale of Two Cities: Mormons Vs Catholics
by William Taylor, Bill Taylor

350. Tales of God: A Treasury of Great Short Stories for the Catholic Family
by Michel, Brother, Osf Bettigole

351. Thank You St. Jude: Women's Devotion to the Patron Saint of Hopeless Cause
by Robert A. Orsi

352. That All May Be One: Hierarchy and Participation in the Church
by Terence L. Nichols

353. The Acts of the Apostles: Ignatius Catholic Study Bible, Revised Standard Version
by Scott Hahn, Curtis Mitch, Dennis Walters

354. The Apologetics of St. Thomas Aquinas
by Mark McNeil

355. The Assurance of Things Hoped for: A Theology of Christian Faith
by Avery Dulles

356. The Augustine Catechism: The Enchiridion on Faith, Hope, and Love (The Augustine Series, V. 1)
by St. Augustine, Bruce Harbert, John E. Rotelle, etc.

357. The Babylon Connection?
by Ralph Woodrow

358. The Benedictine Handbook
by Anthony Marett-Crosby

359. The Book of Catholic Prayer: Prayers for Every Day and All Occasions
by Sean Finnegan

360. The Book of Saints: A Comprehensive Biographical Dictionary
by Basil Dom Watkins, England) St. Augustine's Abbey (Ramsgate, Dom Basil Watkins

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