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Sister Wendy's Book of Saints

by Sister Wendy Beckett

Buy the book: Sister Wendy Beckett. Sister Wendy's Book of Saints

Release Date: August, 1998

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Sister Wendy Beckett. Sister Wendy's Book of Saints

wonderful pictures and stories!!!

Sister Wendy has put together a great book on Saints. I really enjoyed that she placed the saint's feast day, attributes, and what the saint is a patron to in the margins. Lovely stories and paintings. It's only fault is that it could have been much longer with more saints included.

From Amazon.com

Great, but I wanted so much more!

A beautifully constucted book for as far as it goes, but we Sister Wendy lovers are left wanting more! If anything, it seems too small in scale. Like a delicious meal that we're only allowed to take a couple bites of. This is actually a great thumbnail introduction to saints for all us non-Catholics. The usual great paintings with Sister Wendy's wonderful, insightful commentaries. But we wish for bigger visual and literary feast. Everything about the book is small scale. Some of the illustrations should have been blown up to a larger size. We wish Sister Wendy would have gone on longer in her commentaries. At 93 pages, we wish for at least 100 more. She shouldn't have limited her selections to paintings from just one Italian exhibition. For all its brevity, I highly recommend the book. Lasty, don't pass up any chance to snag a copy of the video version of this book which aired on PBS.

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