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Selected Sermons, Prayers, and Devotions

by John Henry Newman

Buy the book: John Henry Newman. Selected Sermons, Prayers, and Devotions

Release Date: 18 May, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John Henry Newman. Selected Sermons, Prayers, and Devotions

Inspiring and Instructive

Reverent of, obedient to, and profoundly in love with God-this is what Cardinal Newman is all about, and this is how he encourages us to live. His sermons may be instructive, admonishing, or inspirational, but are always enlightening, challenging, and reasoned. He has a remarkable ability to interpret God's Word in ways that hit home to everyday people. He conveys the sense of urgency with which we must turn from sin, yet understands our nature enough to know it takes time and enormous patience. Well worth reading!!

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An Oasis In The World of Materialism And Knowledge

In this world of Knowledge and the propensity to believe in things are reasoned by Sciences, this book prods us, that the ultimate is still GOD. I for one, has fallen out a number of times, with an ardent attempt at things secular, despite my inner cravings for a deeper faith in God. This book sets out reminding me of my corporal life and all that surrounds me is nothing, but temporal. It is a rare find, given my recent yearning to return as a prodigal son and my inner inclination to detach all materialism and let it take a back seat. Despite the classic prose as expected of an author who lived more than 100 years ago, I understood his writing thoroughly, although I am not an European nor an American. This, indeed is an oasis of a find for answers from the Word Made Flesh, and is dwelling amongst us. In short, "go get it, all you who wants rest, for His Yoke is light and easy."

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