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Reasoning from the Scriptures With Catholics

by Ron Rhodes

Buy the book: Ron Rhodes. Reasoning from the Scriptures With Catholics

Release Date: January, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Ron Rhodes. Reasoning from the Scriptures With Catholics

A Rational Approach

Ron Rhodes, formerly with the Christian Reasearch Institute, has written another "Reasoning From The Scriptures" book as the same format as his other two (Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons). His other two "Reasoning" books are different in one aspect than this one. Both Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are arguably monolithic, non-Christian, and cultic (in a social and theological context). The Catholic religion, however, isn't monolithic and therefore isn't cultic and, one could argue, non-Christian.

Rhodes does go through his opening chapters explaining this difference. He admits that some catholics are evagelicals and understand God's grace and are "saved." This book is then to, I assume,reach other sects of Roman Catholicism. I do wish that he would have spent more time on this subject. For Christian groups who consider the Caholic church as cultic, this will be easily "tossed" aside without further thought. He does however, give many good suggestions on how to dialogue with Catholics.

The most important section in dialoguing with Catholics is to develop personal relationships. He is right on target here and I hope many who read this book will pay attention to this area of advise. Rhodes doesn't shy away from the tough issues confronting Catholic teaching.

He, with great detial, focusses on such things as Papal infallibilty and Maryology. He does an outstanding job on puratory and indulgences. My major disagreement comes at the end of his book.

If the Catholic converts (to the gosple of grace, not any denomination), he says we should encourage the person to leave the church. Here he doesn't build a good case saying such things as "staying in the Catholic church might send mixed signals." I would disagree, that admitting the problems, and yet, demostrating God's grace and love within the church, is possibly the way to reform it or introduce others to God's grace. Teachings in the church change, which his book demonstrates, and sometimes one person can make that change. His thesis to encourage them to leave is week and such an important request should have a stronger religious and philosophical outline as to the reasons for such a bold move.

This book is a good tool and the research is impeccable. The overall content is superb and worth the study.

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False prophets? Jesus warned us about them......Papacy???

This book denotes the very basics pertaining to the flawed doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. True new testament scripture is that found in the writings of the original apostles. Nothing in scripture supports the seat of the Pope, the claims of infalability, nor how the church is to carry itself as claimed by the Roman Catholic Church. Christ did not come sit on a throne of gold, to build a city of gold and wealth such as that found in Italy. The Pope lives high on the hog, while millions suffer. Christ came as a humble carpenter and died as one in the eyes of many throughout the world. However, he died as the savior of the world to true Orthodox Christians.

Politics and power have corrupted the Church through the history of the Catholics and over time, corrupt doctrine has become tradition. Peter himself was chastened by Paul for falling toward the old law to appease the masses. It is ironic that the Catholic Church would claim to build upon Peter as their rock. The Rock is Christ and is not to be mistaken. Why would Christ build his church on an imperfect man? There would have been no reason for Christ to come to earth and be slain.

I'm pretty sure that the poor ratings of this book have been made by Catholics trying to defend their faith. However, the words of Jesus shall not pass away and they will not be altered by those who respect the base doctrines set forth by Christ through the Apostles. In the end all that matters is what side of the cross you are on. If you have led a life of deceit and have lead others down the path of Catholicism I pitty your souls.

Pray to God, not Mary. Have a personal relationship with the Lord, not through a priest. Believe in the Lord,not the Pope. Believe that Christ is the one true way to salvation, not sacraments and works. Do not be deceived by wolves in sheep's clothing. Satan is crafty and will use goodness to blind the masses as he as done through the Catholic church.

The truth is in this book and I urge anyone reviewing these comments to read it and judge for themselves.

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