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Roman Catholicism in America

by Chester Gillis

Buy the book: Chester Gillis. Roman Catholicism in America

Release Date: 15 May, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Chester Gillis. Roman Catholicism in America

Professor Chester Gillis' Roman Catholicism in America

This is one of the outstanding books on theology of the twentieth century by Professor Gillis of Georgetown University. It is not merely a description but a comparison and analysis of issues, such as Mission versus Maintenance which is an in-depth study of paradoxes between the mission of the church and the maintenance of the bureaucracy and structure. Nobody is expected to accept both sides or all sides of issues, but the reader of any religion or even no religion will come away with an understanding of unique features of Roman Catholicism such as the protection of the connection between the human and the Divine which the institution of Priests and Sisters provides. Buddhism and Hinduism have a different way of protecting this connection, and Judaism and Islam and the Protestant Faith have their own ways. Perhaps there is hope in this Amerian melting pot, that by comparing good experiences the good lives on and the evil is buried. This is why I only review good books.

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An essential text for a serious study of Roman Catholicism.

Roman Catholicism in America is an essential text for any thorough study of Roman Catholicism: it examines the religion within the context of American culture, with scholar Gillis examining the major religious concepts, individuals, and principles of Roman Catholics. An interdisciplinary approach allows for the consideration of various Catholic experiences and influences.

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