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Sacred Passages : Bringing the Sacraments to Life

by Bert Ghezzi

Buy the book: Bert Ghezzi. Sacred Passages : Bringing the Sacraments to Life

Release Date: 16 September, 2003

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Bert Ghezzi. Sacred Passages : Bringing the Sacraments to Life

Maybe Mom will like it

I am not going to give the author less stars than someone else has given him because others seem to like his work. I guess it must be me. Ghezzi is condescending. Has all the answers and knows he has the answers and his readers DON'T. He manages to discuss sacraments minus what I understand to be a sacramental mind. This book is too simplistic on a topic that is complicated and in the realm of mystery. I'm giving it to my mother to read.

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The Sacraments DO come alive and are vital for the spiritual

Bert Ghezzi does a wonderful job(again) with his book Sacred Passages Bringing the Sacraments to Life. The stories within caused me to reflect on my own journey of faith and how God does come to us during the pivitol moments of our life. The encouters we have with Christ in the Sacraments draw us close to the source of all goodness and life. I would also recommend Silent Witnesses in the Gosples by Allan Wright for anyone seeking to encounter Christ in a 'fresh' way. In the same way I enjoyed Wright's insights in the silent men and women in the Gospels who make a difference without saying a word you will also enjoy Ghezzi's words and stories on the Sacraments.

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