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Prayer Primer : Igniting a Fire Within

by Thomas DuBay

Buy the book: Thomas DuBay. Prayer Primer : Igniting a Fire Within

Release Date: April, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Thomas DuBay. Prayer Primer : Igniting a Fire Within

Great Book on Prayer

What is prayer? Why do we pray? Is all prayer the same? These are questions that many people do not know, or maybe do not even wonder about, yet it is so important. All Christians pray, or ought to, and this book explains the basics of it. Whether you feel a need to enhance your prayer life, or whether you are just curious about what you never were taught on the subject, this book makes an excellent read. I believe this book would be greatly beneficial for any Christian. It is filled with scriptural references throughout, as well as references to other sources such as the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and others by Dubay. It reads very fast, and one may feel inclined to read more on the subject, but the book gives you all you need to get going in the right direction, which is the most important thing. Very orthodox, by an expert on prayer, this book is a great read for Catholics. It would undoubtedly be of great use to protestants as well.

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Excellent for Converts

After reading Dubay's "Authenticity", I couldn't wait to read another of his works. "Prayer Primer" is an excellent introduction to prayer for those who just don't know where to start. The questions of when, what and how to pray are all answered in an thoroughly expert and understandable way. A dear friend of mine was concerned that "Prayer Primer" was not at as complete as "Fire Within". Of course it is not and not supposed to be. Questions one has on New Age, Eastern Mysticism and other contemporary movements are all answered as well.

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