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Prayer for Beginners

by Peter Kreeft

Buy the book: Peter Kreeft. Prayer for Beginners

Release Date: March, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Peter Kreeft. Prayer for Beginners

Kreeft makes another direct hit

Kreeft is straight-forward and direct. His thinking and writing are clear. This is book is immensely practical. It is small enough to be completed in a short time and deep enough to warrant re-reading whenever the beginning pray-er needs a boost.

Kreeft's point is that we must begin to pray. Kreeft first motivates. Then he offers an intelligent summary of the major forms of prayer and the progression from rote to contemplative prayer.

Kreeft speaks directly to the reader - to me - when he asks if I really want to pray, or if, by reading a book on prayer, I have deluded myself into thinking that I am doing it. What a challenge! What clarity of purpose!

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Not really for beginners.

I think Peter Kreeft is a great thinker and writer. But be forewarned. If you are a person looking to begin a prayer life or you are a person looking to bring more meaning to your prayer life, I WOULD NOT suggest this book. At the beginning the book reaches out and grabs you with its potential. But as time goes by may become mired in lots of philosophical "if then" statements.

My thinking is that most people buying this book want some help. They are looking for a "how to" book and this is not that book. A better book might be Prayer Primer by Fr. Thomas Dubay.

I'm sure there are some that will get much out of this, but if you are a beginner to both prayer and a Christian life, you will find this book a problem.

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