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Our Lady of Fatima

by William T. Walsh

Buy the book: William T. Walsh. Our Lady of Fatima

Release Date: 01 October, 1954

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: William T. Walsh. Our Lady of Fatima

A must read for truth seekers and true believers.

I returned work work in Egypt in April 2000 and, for some inexplicable reason, had a hankering to see the movie upon which this book was based. Aware that such a desire was pointless, I started searching high and low for the book - pestering associates and bookshops throughout Cairo.

Then, the Vatican, according to CNN, announced that the never-before-revealed secret third prophecy had indeed come to fruition - the attempt on the Pope's life May 13, 1981. (this interpretation was agreed to by the main witness of the events, now a nun!) Wow...uncanny that I was at the same time looking for the book.

After months searching I found this book. I found it most pertinent precisely because of when it had been written and because the author was not a particularly adept writer.

I heartily recommend this book!

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Best book on the subject

This is one the very best books on the subject. The author is truly gifted in telling the story of Fatima. ...[The] apparitions at Fatima have been the most thoroughly investigated in history, and anyone who knows the rigourous standards that the Catholic Church places on such investigations knows it does not advance such venerations as it enthusiastically does such as for the Apparitions of Fatima without it's full belief that these events are valid. In fact, many newspaper reporters were present on the day of the Miracle of Sun, some very unfriendly to the subject of "supposed apparitions" occurring in a remote village in Portugal, which at that time was controlled by socialistic forces. These newpapers (which are documented in the book) came to witness what they thought would be a non-event, and were in the end forced to corroborate the veracity of some very unusual happenings having taken place there--astonishing ones. So to say that they didn't take place because a reviewer below said that the New York Times didn't report it, is just stupid. There were very many witnesses and a great deal of testimony taken from Fatima that this book thoroughly details.... Start with this book. In it you'll find a rich vein of history, spirituality, and truth.

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