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Novena: The Power of Prayer

by Barbara Calamari, Sandra Dipasqua

Buy the book: Barbara Calamari. Novena: The Power of Prayer

Release Date: March, 1999

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Barbara Calamari. Novena: The Power of Prayer

An excellent inspiration for those who seek deeper prayer

This concise, yet varied collection of Novena prayers provides the reader with an opportunity for spiritual growth through the unique prayer experience of devotional petitions. With an open mind and sincere heart even the curious will experience a change in prayer life that goes beyond the specific Novena selected. The authors have presented a succint volume to be treasured, with beautiful illustrations and clear instructions. This book can be the beginning of a powerful and personal relationship with God through prayer.

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This book is really great! I myself am a Catholic and there are many holy cards with very beautiful pictures and maybe prayers on the back...I loved those, and this book is exactly like those cards, really beautiful drawings and prayers but with something more!

The authors did a great job. They did not simply collect these powerful prayers and compile them in this book. They wrote very well on each of saints, angels, each of the different faces of the Madonna and the Divine.

Besides the prayers the stories are great and inspirational too. I think every Catholic should have this and even if you're not a Catholic it's great too, inspirational and provides some comfort for those in grief too, especially The Mother of Sorrows. As the authors wrote(or typed): "The saints are there to help you."--From the introduction.

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