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Medjugorje: The Message

by Wayne Weible, Svetozar Kraljevic

Buy the book: Wayne Weible. Medjugorje: The Message

Release Date: August, 1989

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Wayne Weible. Medjugorje: The Message

A Life-Changing Book

Reading Medjugorje:The Message is a truly uplifting experience. Wayne Weible describes the remarkable events of Medjugorje in such a vivid way that the reader clearly hears the message of the Blessed Mother. If you read this book with a mind and heart open to God, it can really change your life.

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Read and BELIEVE!!

This book is inspiring, provocative and, YES, life-changing, if you let it. Wayne Weible takes you along his spiritual journey, which resulted in his life-long devotion to Medjugorje. His language is simple, easy to relate to, and compelling. Wayne is just like you and me! I have never met him, but reading his words I feel as if I have known him for years; I feel like I walked his walk with him. This book will fascinate you, keep you in suspense, bring you to tears, give you hope.... I hope to visit Medjugorje one day, but I know that if that is not possible, then I have the teachings from Medjugorje right there on my bookshelf, in Weible's book. As Weible states in the book-- you do not have to visit Medjugorje to have a miracle happen in your life, you just have to BELIEVE and turn your life over to the Lord. Please read this book, you will NOT regret it, I promise!!!

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