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Meet the Witnesses

by John M. Haffert

Buy the book: John M. Haffert. Meet the Witnesses

Release Date: May, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John M. Haffert. Meet the Witnesses

Meet the Witnesses makes atheists into Christians

"Meet the Witnesses" provides John Haffert's analysis and the testimony of credible eye-witnesses proving beyond a reasonable doubt that on October 13, 1917, outside Fatima, Portugal the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children while over 75,000 people surrounding the children witnessed true miracles of God. It is the one book teenagers in my Catholic confirmation classes will read and insist that future students read. You will read testimony after testimony from people of all classes (from atheists to theology professor, from children to arrogant sceptical adults) relating how they witnessed the miracles and believed. The book compliments nicely the world's best-selling Fatima book, "Fatima the Full Story" by Italian priest and missionary Father John De Marchi. De Marchi and Haffert both started their on-site investigations in the 1940s when they were able to speak directly with many of the eye-witnesses. It was in trying to debunk a Fatima book that Douglas Hyde, one of England's great Communists and atheists, and the editor of The Daily Worker, came to believe that he was wrong, God does exist, and that He worked miracles in 1917 outside Fatima. The timeliness and analysis of these two books provide a "case for Christ's mother" that is more compelling than even "The Case for Christ", an excellent book by minister and former investigative reporter Lee Strobel. All three books are required reading in my classes.

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