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Maurice and Therese : The Story of a Love

by Patrick Ahern

Buy the book: Patrick Ahern. Maurice and Therese : The Story of a Love

Release Date: 20 February, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Patrick Ahern. Maurice and Therese : The Story of a Love

The Humanity of a Saint

Never have I read a book on a saint that was more revealing than this. The correspondence between this beloved Saint and a wonderfully ordinary priest washes away the mystique of St. Therese. What it reveals is a very human woman who through the love of Jesus helps another human being find the love God wants us to share in. It is very intense and emotional. You will find it difficult to put down and easy to re-read.

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A fundamental book for all who love her ... Saint Therese!

When I thought I had read everything about Saint Therese and her little way, I read Maurice and Therese ... The relationship of "petite Therese" and Maurice talks to the heart of everyone trying to walk the path of the "little way". It is a book I wish was translated to my language, so all of my contry, so found of this saint, could love her even more ... This book is a surprise even for those who already read the complete works of Saint Terese, including all of her letters.

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