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Life Is Worth Living: First and Second Series

by Fulton J. Sheen, Fultonj. Sheen

Buy the book: Fulton J. Sheen. Life Is Worth Living: First and Second Series

Release Date: March, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Fulton J. Sheen. Life Is Worth Living: First and Second Series

Delightfully Understated

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen was perhaps the greatest orator of the 20th century in the matters of morality and the like. His writings displayed a great inner creativity and understanding of the human mind. Archbishop Sheen never lowered himself to the heathen practices of finger-pointing, and profanity. Instead, he reinforced his beliefs with Biblical texts and comedic anecdotes of his own life. His ninety-one books and innumberable radio and televsion broadcasts allowed us a glance into his mind. The Pope John Paul II declared him "a devoted son of the Church." Very few reviews carry as much weight as that comment. I highly recommend this text to anyone of whom finds morality to be the spice of life against the dull pallet of sin.

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A Wonderful Book

Although this book is nothing more than the scripts from a number of the most popular "Life is Worth Living" shows, it is an excellent read.

Bishop Sheen has a way of saying the most profound things with an easy-going, conversational style in most of his books, but especially so in this one--probably because he was talking to the television audience.

I haven't seen most of the episodes that are in this book, but I still enjoyed reading the chapters of even the few episodes that I had seen. It gave me a chance to capture the nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout the episodes.

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