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Liturgy of the Hours

by Catholic Book Publishing Co

Buy the book: Catholic Book Publishing Co. Liturgy of the Hours

Release Date: July, 1999

Edition: Leather Bound


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Buy the book: Catholic Book Publishing Co. Liturgy of the Hours

The Divine Office - A Way to Holiness

I encourage any faithful Catholic to pick up a copy of these volumes and begin to pray the Divine Office (a.k.a. Liturgy of the Hours).

The bulk of the Office is the reading of the Psalms on a four week cycle. The remainder are scripture readings, hymns, prayers of intercession etc.

Be forewarned however, that if you are completely unfamiliar with the Office you will need a bit of a tutorial...

For those of you who don't have the money to buy all of the volumes at one time, make the effort to buy them invidually either here or elsewhere. Be persistent and you can the vinyl covered volumes in this way. I have yet to find the leather volumes sold individually. Although I would certainly recommend this leather set, the vinyl volumes are very nice as well.

However, the main point is that praying the Divine Office has steadily increased my faith in, and understanding of, Jesus Christ. Now I know why the Church has prayed the office for these long hundreds of years. The Divine Office is truly amazing and life changing.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Divine Office to all of my Catholic brothers and sisters. May your faith, hope, love and charity grow the "Prayer of the Church."

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Best meditational pray book.

This set of books, 4 in all follows the Catholic church's liturgical calendar. I started with the single volume, which only has morning and evening prayer. I was a bit disatisfied with that format so I sought this set. The single volume was a good start but I found myself desiring more. The books are broken down into the various seasons, at the time of this review we are currently in the largest volume, Lent. They are arranged to allow the reader some latitiude in how much prayer you wish to do for the day. I prefer to start with the Office of Reading (after the mandatory first prayer of the day, the Invitatory) and go directly to morning prayer. Most days, I don't have the opportunity to follow through with midmorning,midday and afternoon prayer although some people do. Next would be evening prayer (or more commonly known as vespers)followed just before bed with night prayer. While much of these prayers are from psalms, I prefer the office of readings as they are longer readings, currently from Exodus, which allows more material for meditation. The prayers are suitable for individual or group prayer, I've used them both ways. All in all a must have set of books, especially for anyone currently discerning a religious vocation.

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