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Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

by Robert Spencer, Daniel Ali

Buy the book: Robert Spencer. Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics

Release Date: September, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Robert Spencer. Inside Islam: A Guide for Catholics


I am struggling with islam since I came to the US and after I read this book, I can see how it has held my people back. The religion can be too oppressive for modern day civilized peoples who believe in human rights, like me.

Not many people who leave islam ever let anyone know about it. I believe this book will help many others like me to compare islam, and come out of the closet. I recommend it to every moslem who is questioning his faith. May you get what I have out of it.

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Unbiased Analyses of Islam

Ever since September 11, 2001, I have wanted an authoritative analysis of Islam's main tenets. I finally found one I now consider indispensable in this book. I see that Mr. Ali was raised a Muslim, but now has embraced Christianity, and so I value his ability to comprehend the two. I feel I can now intelligently speak with a Muslim and know where he is coming from. I can even quote his Koran better than he can!
All I ever hear about Islam from Muslims is that it is a peaceful religion. Until this book, I had not seen an ex-Muslim out there giving me the inside scoop. Mr. Ali is not pushing Christianity here, but it is plain to me from reading this, that Islam does not measure up to Christianity.
This was a concise, easy-to-read question and answer format which I appreciated. It gave many references to the Koran, citing chapter and verse. Too many people write opinions about Islam without giving much documentation...this was a refreshing change.
I recommend this to any American who wants the real truth about Islam. I learned more in the pages of this book than I did searching through the internet for hours and hours. The Koran is too jumbled up for me to trudge through at this point.
What I found in researching Islam were Muslims who defended the faith by simply avoiding the tough questions. For once, I found someone who says it like it is, and does not mince words.
Thank you for having the courage to write this!

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