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In His Spirit: A Guide to Today's Spirituality

by Richard J. Hauser

Buy the book: Richard J. Hauser. In His Spirit: A Guide to Today's Spirituality

Release Date: May, 1982

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Richard J. Hauser. In His Spirit: A Guide to Today's Spirituality

In His Spirit

A wonderful Christian (Catholic) book written by a Jesuit scholar. It came highly recommended by my Spiritual Director. I found it to be life-changing.... Richard Hauser, SJ, encourages the reader to rethink his/her current model of spirituality by understanding the concept that "Christ lives within us" (Eastern model) rather than "outside of us" (Western model). We learn more about the difference and are encouraged to live our lives with Christ within, rather than striving to please an external God. A very subtle difference, yet highly empowering!

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A contemporary classic

Hauser's "In His Spirit" is the wisest and richest reflection on the workings of the Holy Spirit in our lives that I've ever read. Drawing on scripture, Merton's insights into contemplation, Maslow's psychology of self-actualization, and frank personal anecdotes, Hauser helps the reader better appreciate (1) that the divine Spirit indwells each and every human being--all of us, as it were, participate in the Pentecost event; (2) that as a consequence the deepest stirrings of our selves can be trusted; and (3) that the key to a living spirituality is an ever more intentional cooperation with the unifying, enlightening, and enabling Spirit within. I can think of only one or two other books written within the last twenty years that have provoked more thought (and gratitude!) in me than this one. I also strongly recommend two follow-up books on the Spirit written by Hauser: "Moving in the Spirit" and "Finding God in Troubled Times." Taken together, the three volumes of this trilogy can change your life.

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