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God's Photo Album: How We Looked for God and Saved Our School

by Shelly Mecum

Buy the book: Shelly Mecum. God's Photo Album: How We Looked for God and Saved Our School

Release Date: 10 April, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Shelly Mecum. God's Photo Album: How We Looked for God and Saved Our School

The hand of God is on this book! What a gem!

Not only did God give Shelly Mecum a fantastic idea (of course!), but He blessed her with the writing talent of an angel. The narrative is enthralling: such a page-turner that I literally could not put the book down last night. I got it in the mail yesterday, started reading at 11 p.m., and had to force myself to stop reading at 1 a.m. only because I knew my alarm clock was going to go off in 4 hours. I can't believe this vibrant woman had the faith to call the president of Fuji film in Japan to ask for 300 cameras...and he said yes!! All the corporate executives she called promised to pray for the school, even if they turned down her request for money for the buses. She believed in the power of their prayers, even when it was getting down to the wire and the money for the buses still had not materialized. Finally in desperation one night, she called Sister Nirmala in Calcutta, told her about the idea for the book, the need for money for the buses, and asked her pray for the project. Shelly's faith and belief in the power of prayer has deeply touched me. The pictures are beautiful, and they perfectly capture both the sweet spirit of Hawaii and God's presence in everyday life. In short, miracle of a book. I can't wait to finish it tonight!!

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Heart-warming, inspiring, beautiful, and unlike anything you have ever seen or read before, God's Photo Album is a must-read for people of all ages. The story-behind-the-story is absolutely fascinating and will open your eyes and heart to see God in places you never thought to look. This book is life-changing - not only for the religious, but for everyone.

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