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God-Fleshed: A Chronicle of the Comings of Christ

by Roy Abraham Varghese, Rachel Varghese, Mary Varghese

Buy the book: Roy Abraham Varghese. God-Fleshed: A Chronicle of the Comings of Christ

Release Date: April, 2001

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Roy Abraham Varghese. God-Fleshed: A Chronicle of the Comings of Christ

God Fleshed - a Map for Exploration, and Thought

Roy Varghese, in his previous works, has successfully been able to interface science, philosophy and religion; he has combined history, myth, and theology and proved that faith and reality can walk hand in hand.

In God Sent, Varghese showed us the Virgin Mary in words and art through the historical and approved apparitions of the Catholic Church. That book is a picture of the Mother of God few have seen before.

In God Fleshed, he chronicles the comings of Christ. He draws on the rich content of the scriptures, tradition, and recorded history. He outlines the Jesus of history, the Christ of faith, and portrays, through the mystery of the Eucharist, a man-God who is incarnated and dies in ignominy for humanity. Varghese draws from the New Testament narratives, including present academic discussions, the pre-Christian universe with a focus on various traditions, the wisdom of the great Councils of the early Church, the accredited visions of Jesus to the saints of the Church, and the mystery of Eucharistic miracles where the bread of the altar takes on provable characteristics of flesh and blood.

Color illustrations of some of the famous Eucharistic miracles baffle us. Tempted to scoff, our disbelief encounters the scientific and rational discussion Varghese provides and comes out of the fray a poor contender. The incarnation did not take place in a vacuum. Then as now there were a multiplicity of religious beliefs; we face the question of reconciling what our senses tell us with the claim that Jesus Christ is the definitive revelation of God in history. In God Fleshed, Roy Varghese writes a map for us to explore, and invites us to attempt this reconcilliation. If nothing better, he has presented us with a "good read" and an opportunity to "think" about the known and the unknown.

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