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Facts About Luther

by Patrick F. Ohare, Patrick F. O'Hare

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Release Date: October, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Patrick F. Ohare. Facts About Luther

From Luther's own (foul) mouth

You need not listen too much to protestant historians or Catholic ones to learn the truth about Martin Luther - you can read Martin Luther's own words. This is what the author does - he cites the very words of the man whom protestants have come to love and admire.

When he is not quoting Luther, he is much more often than not quoting Luther's closest associates, followers, and even protestant historians. I really get the impression that the vast majority of protestants - including present-day Lutherans - do not really know much about Martin Luther.

And so, for the Catholic, it will show you the novel beliefs of this very rebellious man. The author even goes to great length to present the Catholic response to these teachings, and in very readable language.

For the protestant, this book will make you think; it will present to you teachings of Luther in Luther's own words - teachings that you will have to answer for, since you hold this man in such high esteem. You will have to answer for why this man held morality in such low esteem, why this man instructed followers to not even try to "be perfect, as our Father in heaven is perfect", why and on whose authority this man abridged the Bible, why this man hated chastity and approved of divorce, bigamy, and polygamy, and a host of other teachings.

I find most interesting that Martin Luther was unable to even have a civil conversation with a person who disagreed with him, resorting to personal insults, "ad hominem" attacks, and obscenity as a matter of course. These things impede real dialogue between Catholics and protestants even today. You don't think so? Well then, I direct your attention to some of the reviewers who bombed this book. Their tactics speak for my truth;

How about John L. Hoh's (WELS) review on 2/6/2001. The first words in his review are, "I haven't read this book ..." I understand, Mr Hoh. The book is Catholic; you are a Lutheran; therefore the book MUST be bad. One should at the very least read the book before reviewing it, if for no reason other than respect for the truth.

How about the reader from Milwaukee review on 6/6/2000. He criticizes the book because it has " ... absolutely NO balance ..." Well, Mr Milwaukee, it doesn't. It is made up of mostly protestant quotes and quotes from Luther himself - very little Catholic input. We let the Lutherans do the talking, and we reprint what they said. In addition, why should the book be "balanced"? What makes you think Luther had any balance? He was about as proud and opinionated as you can get.

Finally, how about the reader from the Midwest review on 12/1/1998. He does not hesitate to pull out the personal insults, false accusations, and antagonistic language, calling the book "Papist Garbage", comparing it to a "pig wallowing", and running down the standard laundry list of false accusations about the popes. Tell me, Midwest; how many people do you think you are going to reach talking the way you do? What does the Bible say about faith without charity (Hint: see 1Cor 13:2).

An excellent book - five stars.

From Amazon.com

The real Martin Luther exposed!

The title of this book speaks for itself. When one reads the truth behind the life of Martin Luther, portrayed very accurately in this book, one will see that Martin Luther had only himself to blame for his hatred of the Catholic Church. This book exposes Martin Luther as a rebel, foul-mouthed, and full of hatred and lust. And the proof of this lies in Martin Luther's own words, taken and reproduced in this book.

The author uses Martin Luther's own words to show that he could not control his passions and that he had become overcome with temptations leading him from the Church.

Many Protestants are going to complain that this book is full of propaganda, but just the opposite is true, for history speaks for itself and if every Protestant who admired Martin Luther took the time to read this book and research the life of Luther, they would quickly realize that this man had many problems and they would return to the Catholic Church, which Martin Luther rejected. If you are having problems refuting those Protestants who stand behind Martin Luther as their hero, you need to read this book and those Protestants will not have a leg to stand on once you get done refuting their distorted praise of this heretic.

From Amazon.com

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