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Christ's Mother & Ours: A Catholic Guide to Mary

by Oscar, C.M. Lukefahr

Buy the book: Oscar, C.M. Lukefahr. Christ's Mother & Ours: A Catholic Guide to Mary

Release Date: September, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Oscar, C.M. Lukefahr. Christ's Mother & Ours: A Catholic Guide to Mary

Christ's Mother & Ours

Being a non-Catholic who is becoming more and more interested in the Catholic Church, I have been reading all I can find on the subjects that need to be explained to me about the Catholic Faith. I looked forward to reading this book because all my life I believed that Catholics pray to Mary and consider Mary essential to salvation. I wanted to be convinced of Mary's importance. This book falls far short of that goal. The author at times even seems to be very hostile to non-catholic thought. After reading the book, I almost stopped my inquiry into the Church. Thank goodness I came across another book that cleared up the problems. In short, I would not recommend this book for anyone other than confirmed Catholics, definately not anyone considering becoming a Catholic convert.

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Get the real scoop on Mary!

This book was especially helpful to me, since I was a protestant from birth. In learning more about The Catholic Church, this book has helped me overcome the negative lies and mistruths that protestants and others have said (and still say) for years. Whether you're looking to learn more about Mary, or increase your devotion to her, this book is a must buy! It begins with a simple introduction in Chapter 1, "Why Mary?", and takes you through what The Bible has to say about her, the church's teachings on her, Mary in the Liturgy, Apparitions, Mary in Sacramentals, the Arts, and Life, an indepth study of the Rosary, and so much more.

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