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Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Christians"

by Karl Keating

Buy the book: Karl Keating. Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on

Release Date: May, 1988

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Karl Keating. Catholicism and Fundamentalism: The Attack on

Compliments from a Mormon

I don't know whether Mr. Keating or his fellow Catholics will welcome or much appreciate a commendation from a very committed member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- I know his fundamentalist despisers won't -- but here goes anyway. There may in fact be some added value in a positive review from someone who is, on the whole, neutral between the claims of Protestantism and those of Rome.

I think this is a fine book. It makes a good, solid case for Catholicism, but, not surprisingly, that isn't the aspect of it that interested me most.

Mr. Keating is devastating in his critique of Protestant fundamentalist anti-Catholic propaganda, including Lorraine Boettner's dreadful book. I've had a great many dealings with the same kinds of people and literature -- sometimes with the very same individual specimens -- and he is precisely right in what he says about them. They are not to be trusted nor relied upon. I've found exactly the same methodological flaws in their work that he has -- to say nothing of the same tone and the same rather ungodly zeal to condemn others.

I enjoyed this book very much, and have cited it approvingly in several things that I myself have written. I recommend it highly.

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Me thinks they protest too much!

I picked this book up again after a encounter with a "Born Again" exchristian. I surprised this poor lost soul by asking him in response to his question "Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior?"by asking him, "Where is that in the Bible?" He became very angry with me because he could give no verse. It is not in the bible and for the most part most of the negative reviewers in this thread really aren't "into" the bible.

Repeatedly and sadly the "Protesters" (That is what a Protestant really is, a protester against the RCC.) miss the pointof Keating's book.

I have a few questions...

Who told you about Jesus?

Did the Bible speak to you by itself?(Audio Tapes don't count)

Who told you it was infallible?

Who points out the individual scripture quotes you claim support your arguments?

Who divided the Bible into Chapter and verse?

Who has translated the Bible for you into English?

The answers to all of these questions a member of faith community. Keating asks the simple question, How old are the oldest manuscripts of the NT? The answer is that there was a community of christains before the NT scriptures. Just as there was a people of God before the book of Genesis was written.

So the question really is what christian community did the bible come from?

Since most of the other christain communites that are represented by the protesters have no claim to be the oldest christain community on the earth and in heaven they must and will always protest against the RCC. If they don't protest aginst the RCC they have no purpose. Take a look at these definitions of what a protest is. ...

1 : a solemn declaration of opinion and usually of dissent.

2: the act of objecting or a gesture of disapproval ; especially : a usually organized public demonstration of disapproval
3 : a complaint, objection, or display of unwillingness usually to an idea or a course of action
4 : an objection made to an official or a governing body of a sport

Keating's book simply defends the RCC by pointing to the evidence and exposing the false prostests for what they are, false.

Bishop Fulton Sheen said, There very few people who hate the the Catholic Church for what it is. There are many who hate it for what they think it is.

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