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Catholicism for Dummies

by John Trigilio, Kenneth Brighenti

Buy the book: John Trigilio. Catholicism for Dummies

Release Date: 28 April, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: John Trigilio. Catholicism for Dummies

Necessary Reading on Both Sides of the Fence

As a retired college professor and as a former Director of a Pontifical Center for Catechetical Studies, I fully endorse and highly recommend this book to both non-Catholic and Catholic alike. Long ago in the seminary, we referred to a few indispensable books as VADEMECUMS, from the Latin "vade" (to take) "cum" (with). In other words, a 'vademecum' was any book which you wanted and needed to "take with you" wherever you went since it was so helpful. "Catholicism for Dummies" can and will be a vademecum as many people who read this will hopefully dispel erroneous ideas, prejudices, false conclusions, myths, fears, lies, and misinformation on Catholicism yet prolific in our time.

While dispelling the wrong data, "Catholicsim for Dummies" also presents the true and authentic beliefs, practices, prayer & spirituality as well as moral and institutional dimensions to this ancient, worldwide Christian religion. It is a wonderful introduction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and it acquaints the non-Catholic with a one BILLION plus member church while reaquainting the Catholic to his/her roots and heriage.

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Flawless and magnificent summary of Catholicism

Although page 13 (not 14) says "all men and women have been saved by Christ and are adopted children of God," page 11 also says that "grace is necessary for salvation" and "a person can accept or reject it. If accepted, it must be cooperated with." This is the teaching of Saint Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Trent, and the Catechism. Trigilio and Brighenti show the continuity of faith, from the universal salvific will of God (sufficient and efficacious grace) to the universal call to holiness and living a saintly life. I and my family find this book to be the perfect companion to the Catechism for the ordinary laymen, be they Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim or otherwise. It is not a replacement for the Catechism nor is it meant to be anymore than it is a substitute for the Summa or the Catholic Encylopedia. Yet, for the typical person, it is goldmine, in my humble opinion.

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