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A Refutation of Moral Relativism: Interviews With an Absolutist

by Peter Kreeft

Buy the book: Peter Kreeft. A Refutation of Moral Relativism: Interviews With an Absolutist

Release Date: October, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Peter Kreeft. A Refutation of Moral Relativism: Interviews With an Absolutist

You'll love 'Isa and Libby. Their arguments are spot-on.

Professor 'Isa Ben Adam (nice name in translation), a Palestinian Arab scholar and Absolutist, is interviewed (and debated) by Moral Relativist Libby Rawls, a black journalist and former wife, psychological social worker, surfing instructor, actress, alcoholic, and PI. What a marvellous debate ensues as Libby throws every relativist argument at the learned prof, only to have them roundly and soundly demolished! This easy non-academic read is a useful guide for those engaged in dinner-table debates on this most crucial of issues. Obviously born from years of experience as an embattled Absolutist in American adademia, this Kreeft work is a delight to read as it sets out the arguments for and agin. As everyone who's ever debated this subject knows, it's very hard to avoid ad hominems and other flesh-cutting retreats from reason, and they're here just as in real life. Another step towards the Restoration of Metaphysics. This is the book you'll want your Relativist friends to read (but which they'll probably ignore because refutation has too many implications for their personal lives). Get it.

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You Will Be Challenged. Great For Introspection!

Fantastic book, a tough read for those unwilling to give truth a chance; like a good philosopher, Dr. Kreeft makes you think. This book will challenge your relativism and help you see that absolutes are not a thing of the past! Great read if your willing to take an honest look at your moral disposition. Perhaps it will change you, perhaps it will not. Reward yourself, approach this book with an open mind. Don't pay attention to the critic who wrote the review: "One-sided and poorly written". Read the book and decide for yourself. This person reminds me of Plato's cave- once confronted by light all he can do is recoil from it. Don't simply claim that the book is one-sided and poorly written, prove it, refute the ideas in the work. It is very easy to dismiss, but not so to refute! If your looking for an author that will challenge you with ideas in a clear, brilliant, and easy to read style, Dr. Kreeft is for you. His style embodies the phrase: "If you can't say it simply, then you don't know it"- Dr. Kreeft knows his stuff! He introduces very complex ideas in simple terms- how many philosophers do you know who do that!

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