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A Concise Guide to Catholic Social Teaching

by Kevin E. McKenna

Buy the book: Kevin E. McKenna. A Concise Guide to Catholic Social Teaching

Release Date: August, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Kevin E. McKenna. A Concise Guide to Catholic Social Teaching

Almost as "Concise as Love Your Neighbor"

This Book, Father McKenna's third, shows how wonderful a teacher he is. For this tome he has taken on the huge job of explaining Catholic Social Teaching. He does it well. The title says "Concise" but the more apt word may be "Uncomplicated". He takes the teaching, adds scripture references and papal encyclicals, all made easy in his fine way of exploring the topics such as economic justice, labor rights and responsibilities, and peace on earth. His references are truly excellent, but the treasure trove of this book are the "Reflection Questions" which follow every chapter. They draw you in to the issues and make you make intellectual choices necessary to understand and hopefully live your life according to your choices. As usual in Father McKenna's books, there are indexes, and a comprehensive glossary, and, biographies of the Popes who figured most prominently in the development of Catholic Social Teaching as we have it today. This book is a good solid, read, on a subject that should not be more complicated than love your neighbor. Add this book to your library, and you will value it for a very long time to come.

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