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A Prayer Book for Catholic Families

by Christopher Anderson, Susan Gleason Anderson, Lavonne Neff

Buy the book: Christopher Anderson. A Prayer Book for Catholic Families

Release Date: January, 2000

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Christopher Anderson. A Prayer Book for Catholic Families

Fantastic Prayer Reference Book!

A Prayer Book for Catholic Families is a fantastic prayer reference book for any Catholic. I am a cradle catholic but my parents left the church when I was around 10yrs. So I never received the sacrament of confirmation. Now that I am out of college and married, I decided to return to the church. My memory on alot of the prayers was kind of fuzzy, so this book has helped me alot. In september I am going through the RCIA so I can finally be confirmed. This book, along with several others, are helping me to return to my heritage. The prayers are laid out in an easy to find format and they are in very large print. This book would also make a great small gift.

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A great gift

This is a great gift for weddings, baptisms or even house warmings. It's idea for younger families that may not know the traditional Catholic prayers or understand importance of praying as a family.

We have given a number of these away as gifts and the feedback is always very positive.

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