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Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

by William Rosek

Buy the book: William Rosek. Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Release Date: 13 September, 2001

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: William Rosek. Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Life changing book

Within days of beginning to read this book, my life began to change in ways that are nothing short of amazing. I've been reading about spiritual subjects for a number of years now and putting certain concepts into practice but this book has brought my conscious awareness to a whole new level that is difficult to put into words.

You will find things becoming easier and more peaceful in your day to day life. You will begin to see people differently and treat them differently. You will begin to see life in a completely new way. You will find disappointment, frustration and difficulties replaced with joy and peace and find miraculous things happening in your life with much greater ease! You may also find that your physical body will shed its aches and pains or disease.

The book is mostly channeled information which FELT right when I read it. I have to admit to feeling "lighter" and happier everytime I finished reading a chapter or two. Isn't that what we strive for? An overall feeling of well-being and happiness?And that "feeling" is something that can't be described. It's akin to a gut feeling where you know something is right. And sure enough, when you start putting those concepts into practice, you start seeing the results in your life. The results can be as subtle or as dramatic as you wish depending on your level of commitment to the path and where you're at in your own spiritual awakening. I come from a scientific no-nonsense, factual background so this is not something I would normally embrace without a little skepticism. You will only be convinced when you read it and begin applying the principles in your own life. At the very least, it will open your mind to greater awareness. At the most, well.. there's no limit :)

The book's content can be a little repetitious at times but it helps reinforce the concepts. Either way, it's wonderful. Even if you are a seasoned spiritual person, you will find this book helpful. And if you're a mere beginner, you will discover a new way of life that is far more enriching than you can ever imagine.

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This is a pretty Amazing book

This is the sort of book that will find it's own readers. Either you are ready for the material contained inside regarding the composition of the spiritual world, or you are not. It's a simple matter of timing.

I came to this book with a an open mind and the book opened my mind even further. I found many of its dialogues to be compelling and thought provoking and most importantly they FELT authentic.

Perhaps the best review that can be written comes from the first pages of the book itself:

"Who will be helped by this book?"

"This book was not written for particular group. It is for all seekers. It is for lightworkers and starseeds and wayshowers, but also for those who are just waking up to the idea, to the awareness, the concept, that there is something far greater in life than the third dimensional experience.

This volume addresses a large, inclusive, holistic description of the Universal Spiritual Picture from almost the very beginning levels of understanding to the very high levels of awareness and growth on humankind's evolutionary spiral.

It will bring different aspects to different individuals. The audience is large because it is not aimed at any specific area. Many will find much that is of value."

--St. Germain


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