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Wisdom from the Great Beyond: A True Story of Life With a Ghost

by Jan Von Denmarc

Buy the book: Jan Von Denmarc. Wisdom from the Great Beyond: A True Story of Life With a Ghost

Release Date: September, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Jan Von Denmarc. Wisdom from the Great Beyond: A True Story of Life With a Ghost

An Eye-Opening Book

If you're looking for a book that'll explain some thoughts and ideas you may have about afterlife and ghosts, to diversify your knowledge on such topics or simply looking for a great text that will freshen your mind and make you forget all about your day-to-day worries, this is the book to get.

I received this book from a close friend of mine that wrote the foreword. The way he explained it to me beforehand, it sounded like a very interesting read, but I personally was still skeptical as to whether I'd read it from front to back. But after beginning the book, Mr. MacDowell made a perfect point, the challenge is keeping yourself from reading it in one sitting. I found myself reading chapters, retiring for the evening, yet eagerly awaiting to be able to read more chapters the next evening.

Coming from someone who does not have a spiritual background, I found this book very easy to read, very well-explained and made great real-world analogies of things to help me understand things more. It opened my eyes up to the possibility of what goes on after life's buzzer goes off. It has led me to believe that even though life can be short, there is still opportunity after life to accomplish those things you set out to do (referred to as karma in the text.)

The book also explained the not-so-subtle differences between Eastern and Western religions. It helped verify my thoughts as to why in Western civilization, we as a whole, are literally told what to believe and expect, who to look for, etc., thus creating a "spiritual vaccuum" as one of the ghosts put it. Whereas on the contrary, folks in the Eastern lands are given information by great teachers and guru's, of which is used by each person to self-guide themselves to their own beliefs and expectations.

As a whole, I HIGHLY recommend this book for any type of reader, whether you're the skeptic like the author, or the average reader looking to shed new light on something so mysterious like myself. This book will always be part of my library, and will probably be read many more times.

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A Debunker Sees the Light

The author, a theoretical physicist, a logician, and a philosopher of science at at midwestern university for nearly 30 years, states that he was committed to debunking any and all claims to paranormal experiences before his experience began in 1978. In fact, he enthusiastically put down people who made such claims. "But it suddenly occurred to me one day that this negative attitude on my part toward the paranormal is wholly contrary to the very spirit of rational, scientific inquiry - that one is not to make a pronouncement on matters one has not taken the trouble to objectively and systematically investigate," he writes.

While sitting in his study and reading one night in 1978, von Denmarc turned around and saw a figure resembling a human in the mirror. It disappeared, reappeared, and then disappeared again. About two months later, the figure reappeared and began a conversation with von Denmarc. The "ghost" told him that he had once lived in von Denmarc's house. He gave details, including his name, occupation, and when and how he died, details which von Denmarc investigated and confirmed. Over the next seven years, the physicist and the ghost carried on a number of conversations in which they discussed such matters as the nature of reality, karma, rebirth, religion, possession, death, cloning, and science.

What von Denmarc had discovered, it seems, is the mirror-gazing technique of contacting those on in other realms of existence discussed by pioneering NDE researcher Raymond Moody, M.D.in his 1993 book, "Reunions." A chapter is devoted to the technique.

The author used the technique to contact a recently-deceased friend, who also provides much wisdom from the Other Side. Transcripts of a number of conversations with David, the original ghost, and Steven, the friend, are set forth in the book.

The preponderance of information provided by David and Steven is consistent with other seemingly credible spirit communication. However, David, who is "earthbound" because of the attachment to his wife and wants to wait for her to join him on the Other Side, seems much too enlightened for an earthbound spirit, while Steven has become very wise in a short period of time. This might be explained by the revelation that both men were very spiritual during their earthly lives, each with a guru or teacher from an Eastern philosophy. Thus, they apparently crossed over as relatively enlightened spirits.

Overall, the book is interesting, informative, intriguing, and inspiring, even if some aspects of it are a bit puzzling and perplexing.

"There is no denying that science has brought us many blessings," the author concludes, "but it also has made us blind, dogmatic, and close-minded; it is time we realize our situation and begin systematically studying ancient and time-honored techniques and disciplines and forging new ones for the investigation of the more subtle and refined dimensions of the world and the human being."

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