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The Sacred Awakening of Light Warriors

by Victoria Jimenez

Buy the book: Victoria Jimenez. The Sacred Awakening of Light Warriors

Release Date: March, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Victoria Jimenez. The Sacred Awakening of Light Warriors

A gift to the planet

As I read 'The Sacred Awakening of Light Warriors', a lot of things started to make sense. Suddenly I understood the loneliness and disconnection that I had felt all my life; the aloneness was actually an illusion, but an experience which was essential in order to know the pain of humanity. In their teachings, The Counsel of Light gently remind us that it is necessary to know this pain so that we may fulfill our world task, a task unique for each one of us and yet always related to the healing of ourselves, one another and the Earth.

The lesson which I found to be most insightful is that on 'The Gifts of The Seven Sacred Awakenings'. This gives an overview of the spiritual journey from the first faint rememberance that we are all here with a purpose, to the knowing that we are already enlightened beings, radiating love, connected to all that is and embodying this truth in every moment. It has been a source of guidance to be able to recognise as I experience the early stages of awakening in myself.

The lessons in this book resonate as profound truths and I sense that this text will play a vital role in the expansion of conscious awareness which is happening on the planet right now.

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Inspiring and comforting at the same time

In a world where the constant message is that you're alone and isolated; that there's no hope; it's wonderful to be reminded that there is a purpose to your life - to all life.

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